Keep It Simple Coaching & Consulting is a human-centered and client-driven business aimed at supporting individuals and organizations in making and managing change. Through personalized conversations, group workshops, and consultation services, Change & Transition Coach, Michelle Hurlburt works with clients to provide opportunities that help them reflect on, identify, and set personal and professional goals. The result? The development of simple, awareness-based, next-level action plans that create lasting and meaningful change in their personal or professional environment.


What I Do

I Coach.

I help you clearly identify and define the areas of change you desire to focus on. Then,  I help you create a plan to successfully  get to where you want to go. As your accountability partner, I encourage and support you throughout your change process.  

I Speak.

I talk to audiences at live and online events with the intention to inform, engage, support, and motivate deeper understanding of our intrinsic value and self-worth, to become more aware of our mindsets, habits, and emotions, and to encourage healthier, more meaningful lives.

I Write.

I create written content of my experiences, thoughts, research, and action ideas on developing greater self-awareness, making and managing change, and finding purpose and meaning in life. 

The Keep It Simple Philosophy

The Keep It Simple philosophy believes the relationship you have with yourself is the foundation to making and managing change in your environment and in the relationships you have with others. Choosing simple does not mean that you get to completely avoid or give up everything that causes you stress. But, it does mean that you can learn how to set limits, respond rather than react to people and situations, and develop strategies to move forward in your life.


"Michelle not only helped me figure out what area of my life I wanted to focus on, she also helped me map out clear goals and got me very excited about obtaining those goals. By guiding me, she made me realize things about myself that I hadn't known or thought of before. It's definitely not therapy, but sometimes I left our sessions feeling better! She is very kind, soothing, non-judgmental, and a great listener. She is also very good at asking questions if you're not sure how to proceed with something or you're having a hard time clarifying your thoughts. The sessions aren't long, and the tasks (or 'homework') she gets you to do are simple. Highly recommend!"
R.D., Nova Scotia, Canada
Program Coordinator

Let me help you make and manage the changes you need to live the life you want.