Keep It Simple Coaching & Consulting is a human-centered and client-driven business aimed at supporting individuals and organizations in successfully making and managing change.

Through personal conversations, group workshops, speaking, and consultation services, I share my coaching strategies for using intentions to live a fulfilling life rather than a checklist of things to do in an attempt to change who and what we are. I believe setting intentions provides a holistic, motivating, whole-person approach to the change process that can be applied to any and all areas of life.


I work with clients to provide opportunities to help them reflect on, identify, and set personal and professional intentions. The result? The development of simple, awareness-based, action plans that create lasting and meaningful change in their personal or professional environment.

What I Do

I Coach.

I help you clearly identify and define the intentions you want to set for your life. Then,  I help you create a plan to successfully live intentionally in all areas of your life. As your accountability partner, I encourage and support reflection throughout your change process.





I Speak.

I talk to audiences about developing self-awareness and self-compassion, identifying what does and does not serve them in the environment around them, and leading an intention-focused life versus a goal-driven life to make and manage lasting, meaningful change.






I Write.

I create written content of my experiences, thoughts, research, and action ideas on developing greater self-awareness, making and managing change, and finding purpose and meaning in life. 





The Keep It Simple Philosophy

I believe the process of leading a purposeful, meaningful life can be facilitated by setting intentions rather than relying on goal achievement to do so. The relationship you have with yourself plays a key role in identifying these intentions to create the foundation for making and managing lasting change in your life. Choosing simple does not mean that you get to completely avoid or give up everything that is complicated or stressful in your life; but, it does mean that you can manage these challenges while daily intentional living adds purpose and value in everything you do.