3DLife™ Leadership Series: Leading in 3D – Introduction

Are You a Leader?

Now, most of you might answer no to this question because you don’t have a traditional leadership role such as that of a CEO of a major company, a team manager, or a business owner. But whether you are or are not in this type of role, the question can still be asked – are you a LEADER?

Before I continue though, let’s clear the air right from the get-go and mention the elephant in this virtual space, shall we?

Just because you have a title naming you as the person responsible for it all (i.e. overseeing customer service, production, operations, and the team that reports to you) does not make you a leader. Owning a business and managing employees or being hired in an organization to head up a project management team, also doesn’t necessarily make you a leader.

Sorry, but it doesn’t. 

Leadership is so much more than telling people what to do and when to do it. It’s more than hiring and firing or holding reports accountable for their actions (or non-actions). It’s more than making sure that deadlines are met, or that procedures and policies are followed. There are certain behaviors associated with good, solid leadership, just as there are specific qualities that make a person a leader in the truest sense of the word.  

So, let’s do an experiment:

Think of someone with or for whom you have worked who stands out as a strong or exceptional leader to you? What do they do and what is it about them that makes you think of them in this way?

Now, think about your experiences with someone else in a leadership role, but for whom you don’t hold such a high opinion. What do they do and what is it about them makes you think of them in this way?

See, there is a difference! The two people you thought of may be called “leaders”, but only one of them left a positive impression on you, right?

Today’s offering serves as an introduction to my 5-part leadership blog series, “Leading in 3D” that I will bring to you over the next several weeks. Each week, I’ll discuss key qualities or skills that authentic, aware 21st century leaders possess to make them stand out in what they do and with whom they do it. I’ll be digging into what leadership is and is not because, let’s face it, our world needs solid, trustworthy, inspiring leaders more now than ever!

I’ll also include examples of great leaders and how their leadership has made a difference to their companies, businesses, and organizations, as well as to the people around them.

While leadership is a challenging role to be in, it IS also one in which you can be motivated, effective, inspiring, and successful. It requires work though – most great leaders don’t just “happen” – they are created. 

Yes, nature versus nurture is at play even in the leadership arena.

Now, some of you may have read to this point and are thinking this blog series isn’t going to be for you because you’re not one of those leaders I mentioned above. Not true. In fact, it’s because you may be on the receiving end of a “leader” – listening to and trying to meet their expectations – that you should continue reading. It’s important to know who good leaders are and what they do, but if you also have leadership aspirations, this is a good place to start thinking about how you want to show up in that role.

Consider this, too though. What if I asked, “How do you show up as a leader in your life?”

See, this blog may give you more insight than you assumed. You know what they say happens to those who assume, right?

I look forward to writing and sharing these insights with you over the next several weeks and engaging with your comments!

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Until next time…

Take Care & Keep It Simple,


Michelle Hurlburt is a Life & Executive Coach, as well as a Social and Emotional Learning Coach & Trainer. She holds B.Ed. and M.Ed. in Leadership degrees and has been certified by the Certified Coaches Federation as a Coach Practitioner, Group Coach Practitioner, and Certified Master Coach Practitioner. Michelle has been a tenant with Ignite Labs since November 2019.

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