Her Story

Founder of Keep It Simple Coaching & Consulting (2019-present)

As the founder of Keep It Simple Coaching & Consulting, I understand the ups and downs of marriage and divorce, fluctuating career interests and goals, starting and managing a new business, being a leader, working with a team, as well as the challenge of being an ambitious woman in the 21st century.  My own personal and professional experiences are why I am so passionate about helping entrepreneurial-spirited and career-focused women gain clarity and confidence so they can go after the life they want

Experienced Entrepreneur, Coach, and Manager (2003-present)

I have owned and operated two successful restaurant businesses. The first, a Japanese and Seafood restaurant, I founded with members of my family on a popular tourist island in the Philippines. Within a year, the restaurant was featured in two national magazines, and quickly became known as the must-go-to place for tourists and locals alike. The second business, a specialty coffee shop and café in my hometown in Nova Scotia, also became a popular drop-in spot for local community members, and national and international travelers. My entrepreneurial experience expanded when I became a member of a historically-established network marketing product company in 2011. Within a few months, I became a Manager with the company. I then received a Team Building Bonus in 2012, enjoyed All-Star Status in 2013 and 2014, and continued to grow my business team. I coached and helped develop four Managers on this team, while supporting many others in earning extra income each month. I won the New Manager of the Year award in 2013, among other awards, and earned two international all-inclusive trips with the company.

Motivated Educator, Leader, and Life-Long Learner (1996-present)

Growth and development are near and dear to my heart. I earned a Bachelor of Education degree in 1996, and after graduating, I jumped at the opportunity to travel and work in Asia. I stayed in Asia for 8 years, first working as an ESL teacher in South Korea, then moving to the Philippines where I worked as a teacher and principal at a K-9 Montessori School, and also became a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor. An educator with 18 years of experience, my passion for helping others learn, grow, and develop new perspectives and skills is matched only by my own desire to ensure the same for my own life. In 2015, I enrolled in the St. FX University M.Ed in Leadership in Mental Health Education degree program to further my personal and professional development, but also to better support my belief that one’s whole health is crucial to life success. Additionally, I am an affiliate trainer for Social and Emotional Learning, and a Certified  Coach Practitioner, Group Coach Practitioner, and a Master Coach Practitioner with the Certified Coaches Federation (CCF). I also successfully completed a 2019 CCF Professional Speakers Federation workshop in Toronto.

Driven Intention-Maker, Dream Chaser, and Golf Enthusiast (1996-present)

My strong sense of drive and motivation stems from my vision to lead my own authentic, aware life, and in doing so, inspire and support others to live an intentional life in which they feel they are contributing, aware, purpose-driven, and fulfilled. I believe in chasing and achieving my own “pie-in-the-sky”, but I’m fueled daily by my desire to help others do the same. 

Once an enthralled PADI scuba diving instructor in the Philippines, my greatest outdoor passions are now golf and gardening.

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