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Post #1 : Taking The Leap

Making the choice to face fear, live every day, and follow my dreams.

By Michelle Hurlburt

Welcome to the Keep It Simple Blog!

Well this is quite a daunting task, isn’t it? Writing the FIRST blog post on a newly launched website – no, not nerve-wracking at all! Quite convenient that I happen to be extremely interested in emotions and how we manage them, isn’t it? 

If you have perused the Keep It Simple Coaching & Consulting website thoroughly, you probably will have seen somewhere that I am a self-proclaimed change enthusiast. I have always felt that change moves us forward – as much as ending a relationship or a marriage, or moving on from a job you love/hate to a job you love/hate just as much, or trying to lose five pounds because you know you’ll feel better (but you can’t stand to see the cupboard barren of some form of crunchy, salty potato chip snack) can suck – I am a firm believer that life has a way of putting things in our path that are meant to teach us lessons to learn and grow from. Now, mind you, we have choices to make when these opportunities come up because it’s often so much easier to play the blame game, shirk responsibility, pout, and/or wallow in misery when things aren’t going our way. However, if we want to shift how we think about the crap that comes along (and we all get life crap because it’s wonderfully non-discriminatory), we can choose the amazing opportunity to learn different ways to respond to it. And that’s where I come in to the mix. I have thought about and envisioned being a Coach for several years now. As an educator, a life partner, a friend, a daughter, a sister, and just as a human being, I am aware everyday of our need to increase our self-awareness so that we may rediscover and/or redevelop our connection and communication skills.

“All too often, we allow fear to stop us from doing things we want to do. These things could be big things or little things – it doesn’t matter – fear gets in our way because we let it. What’s spectacular though is that every single one of us has the power to put fear back in its place – to tell it to ‘back off’. And when we do, that’s when we are truly alive to expose and live in our true potential.”                                     ~ Michelle Hurlburt, June 5/19

My own journey to where I am today started out with recognizing that I wanted more in my life, and that to achieve that “more”, I had to make some changes. First, I learned that I needed to dig deep into my emotions to understand how they functioned as the driver of the things I wanted to change. Over time, it became clear that how I manage my feelings is often a precursor to my unwanted behaviors. As I learned more about myself and what makes me tick (or not!), I began to understand I was not alone – so many of us struggle with making and managing changes in our lives – often because we have issues with our “same-old” habits and emotions that pop up when we try to do something different with or about our health/lifestyle, career, or relationships. We are often so afraid to reach out, ask for help, or take a risk doing something we so passionately believe in and want for ourselves because we think others will judge us or not understand us. 

Fear showed up in a big way on my journey to becoming a Coach. I had to face multiple fears from my past, fears about whether I could provide good value to clients, fears of “Am I good enough?”, fears of not believing I had enough knowledge or know-how to support people in their change process, fears of failing in business, fears of being vulnerable and open, fears of not being perfect and not having everything in my life figured out, and fears of “What if it’s not what I expected?”. So many fears! Most of these though, I came to discover, stemmed from my good ‘ole Ego. When I realized this, they didn’t carry as much punch because I recognized that only my pride is at stake if some things don’t work out. I now have more freedom to live fully and be grateful for each day. Do I sometimes get lost in the hubbub of life’s ups and downs and busy-ness? Absolutely. However, I know better now what to do to get myself out of the melee of my mind, so that I can more quickly get back to living consciously (in control) rather than being on automatic pilot (not in control).

However, changing one’s mindset is not an easy process! Yet it can be done! I have been working diligently on managing the difficult emotions of fear, shame, anxiousness, guilt, and self-imposed expectations of perfectionism (which have caused me to sometimes second-guess my decisions and choices and/or stop my progress altogether) over the last ten to twelve years. During this time, I have learned some strategies that have helped me, and some that haven’t. In keeping with the Keep It Simple philosophy, I’m hoping to help my clients find simple methods that work for them to make the changes they desire and to break down any barriers that may be holding them back.


For the record, this blog is a creative outlet for me as much as it is a vehicle to provide some added insight, value, and connected-ness to the Keep It Simple-er Community. I hope to help people with my thoughts, learnings, and understandings to feel that they are truly not alone with what life is throwing at them – even when the uncomfortable feelings, doubts, and fears accompany these changes. I also hope to provide a window into my belief that, by learning more about ourselves – what we need, want, feel, hope, value, and dream – we will be better able to play a role in generating more kindness, acceptance, and love in our worlds.

On a final note, I hope the grammar police won’t judge my content too harshly  – I’m just laying my thoughts out for those who choose to read in as an authentic voice as I can offer on a screen. I’m sure to improve as I truck along on this road!

Until next time…

Keep It Simple,

Michelle H.


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