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Coaching Liability Waiver & Terms of Service


Cancellation requires 24-hour notice.

Long-term contract clients: Long-term contracts have a “no refund” cancellation policy. If a scheduled session is cancelled with 24 hours’ notice, it may be rescheduled within the same Monday to Sunday week, dependent upon The Coach’s availability. Session may not be rescheduled after that week’s end. During most weeks, rescheduling will be possible; however, the client might have to select a date and time that is not their first choice.
Pay-by-the-session clients: If two sessions are cancelled without 24 hours’ notice, in order to continue working with The Coach, the client must sign up for a prepaid, long-term contract. Client will be notified after the second cancellation.
Coach cancellation: In the event of an emergency, the Coach might need to cancel a session. In this event, another session may be scheduled, or the payment may be refunded in the form of a cheque or e-transfer.


Clients who are not present within 15 minutes of the session’s scheduled starting time are considered “no show.” Payment is still required in the event of a no show. If a client arrives late for a session, that session will still conclude at the end of the appointed hour.

Long-term contract clients: The no-show will count as one session; rescheduling for that session will not be available.
Pay-by-the-session clients: Client must present payment for the no-show session and for that day’s session in order for work with the Coach to continue.

If Client needs to terminate Coaching services prior to final contracted session, Client must provide the Coach with one week’s written notice. Notice is given upon receipt by Coach. Notice may not be given by telephone; it may be given via email, or formal letter. Client will be responsible for remaining sessions within scheduled month. There will be an early-withdrawal fee (10% of remaining sessions’ cost) deducted from refund to client. Refund will be issued by cheque or e-transfer within 14 days of date withdrawal notice is given.

The Coach bases her guidance and advice on her Coaching Certification, previous education, work experience, life experience, and in her 5 years’ direct experience working with people. She draws from what she has observed: which thoughts, techniques and actions have created success, and which have created failure. The Coach is NOT a medical professional or licensed psychologist. For issues with medical or psychological gravitas, The Coach’s input is to be considered just that: input, rather than a medical or psychological diagnosis or directive. Before taking any action that could affect the client’s or family’s physical or psychological health, please consult with a medical professional. The Coach is not liable for the actions, behaviors, mental or emotional states of the clients that he/she works with. Confidentiality within legal parameters is guaranteed by the Coach.

Please have payment – e-transfer, cash, credit card, or cheque – available at the start of the scheduled session. Cheques may be made out to Keep It Simple Coaching & Consulting.

This contract, signed this ________ day of _________________, 20______, is between ___________________(client), __________________________, The Coach.

Client may choose from the following packages:  (Plan / Hourly Rate / Total Bill)

  • Pay-Per-(1 hour) Session – $ 90 per session
  • Monthly Package – $340 (4 sessions)
  • 3-Month Package – $895 (12 sessions)
  • 6-Month Package – $1750 (24 sessions)
  • 12-Month Package – $3450 (48 sessions) 

Scheduled dates and times will follow.

This contract is binding between all parties.  By signing, I confirm I have read, understand, and agree with all elements of The Coach’s policies and contract.


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