What is Coaching?

The Keep It Simple coaching process is human-centered and client-driven . My role as your Coach is to compassionately assist you in navigating through the process of change successfully, and to be your accountability partner who encourages you stay on track with living in your life intentions. As the person being coached, it is your responsibility to do the work needed to be successful. During the coaching process, I ask key questions to help determine where you are at in your Change Journey, where you would like to go and why, and what intentions you need to set and the actions you need to take to get there.

Is Coaching For You?

We have all tried to make changes in our lives, and we have all experienced changes that we did not agree to or plan on happening. If you have tried countless times to make personal or professional changes, and have had limited to no success, or you have fallen back into your old habits and routines after achieving the goals you set, then the Keep It Simple Coaching & Consulting approach may be for you. Additionally, if you are experiencing changes in your life that you feel you have no control over, and are feeling overwhelmed by the emotions of this change or you are unsure what to do about it, then coaching may also be for you. Keep It Simple Coaching & Consulting aims to offer you a supportive and optimistic journey of self-discovery, accountability, and steps to ensure lasting change on your journey to a full, purposeful life.